Monday, April 12, 2010

One Upside to the Greek Crisis

If you're an American - the next time you hear a Western European complaining about the unenlightened behavior of the American government with respect to foreign aid and support for international organizations like the U.N., how about you remind your new friend of the time that a country IN THEIR OWN ECONOMIC COOPERATION SPHERE NEEDED HELP AND THEY ONLY GRUDGINGLY GAVE IT WHEN THEIR OWN ECONOMIES WERE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER.

Now I can't wait to hear this old saw again. See what positive thinking does?

Don't Like Hippies?

Then legalize pot, like California is about to. The ex-hippies up there in the NorCal woods are terrified because they know it's going to to kill their economy.

If I Were a Central Planner in China thing I would be doing is decreasing Chinese dependence on fossil fuels, and developing renewable energy technology. That way, as oil runs out and climbs above $120, countries whose voters didn't demand foresight of their elected leaders would be, pardon the pun, over a barrel. If your military has no fuel, it doesn't matter how big it is.

In this article about Arizona officials trying to woo solar technology developers, count up the companies they visited in California that were from China.

Meanwhile, American social conservatives continue to knee-jerk-react to any suggestion that the U.S. consume less oil as if changing our principle energy source and suppliers is a form of communism. When did conservatives decide to let the elitists running oil companies and their PR agents make decisions for them?