Monday, February 9, 2009

Darwinism is the Root of Terrorism, Islam is the Antidote

That's really and truly the title of an article in (where else) the Tehran Times. Threatened by the teaching of evolution in schools? Looks like Iran is the place for you! Come on, creationists, where are you, what's the matter? Get with the program, it's time to present a united front! I'm sure with visionaries like Harun Yahya able to exercise their academic freedom, Iran's high-tech economy will soon overtake our own.

On a more serious note, the guy in this article has been distributing fundamentalist and creationist propaganda all over the West, includig to the United States. If you want a dangerous Islamic exporter of intolerance who wants us back in the Dark Ages with education subservient to propaganda, you have one here.

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