Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Noah's Ark Found in Hong Kong

In many posts I emphasize the importance of technology to American economic success, and consequently the importance of educating scientists and engineers - something which Asian countries in general, and China specifically, is beating us badly at.

That's why every patriotic American should rise up in outrage at know-nothings who try to damage your kids' brains by making them learn the Qu'ranic account of creation - in public schools - instead of science and math. (Did you click on that link? Did it connect to something different than what you expected? Does the difference matter to you? Why?)

Turns out there are two approaches to competing with our neighbors across the Pacific. Chinese real estate moguls are opening a Noah's Ark theme park in Hong Kong. These "Chinese" investors are clearly operating in the service of the U.S. government, and sabotaging China's success. Brilliant! This is the best news I've heard about China for a while! Instead of educating our kids, we can stultify Chinese kids! Maybe we can get a Creation Museum to open there too. Once they convince enough bright Chinese kids that the principles of chemistry and genetics are all nonsense, maybe we can actually keep our edge in biotech. Bravo, Noah's Ark investors - what a brilliant Trojan horse.

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