Friday, July 24, 2009

Healthcare Reform Being Sunk - By Democrats

Looks like the President's fellow Democrats - relatively conservative or otherwise - are the main obstacle to railroading through healthcare reform. California Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein has made a point of openly expressing reservations about the costs to the public. When was the last time you heard a Democrat worrying about the cost of entitlements?

Meanwhile, Harry Reid has given the liberal blogosphere further cause for anxiety by announcing that the bill will have to wait until after recess. Why the anxiety? The longer Congress has to think about it, the worse and idea it will seem. Is it just me, or does the rush to get this monster to the President's desk remind you of healthcare's answer to the Patriot Act?

This has been a long week for Obama. His clumsy wading into Gatesgate will cost him the capital he needs to get a healthcare reform bill through. It was, bluntly, a mistake that makes him seem less "post-racial", more partisan, and is costing him the respect of a lot of the blue collar workers who won him the Northeast. Whether or not you agree with what he said, I invite you to look at the dip in approval ratings two weeks from now.

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