Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blinded Test: Warren Buffett, or Sh*tmydadsays

It occurs to me that some of the Oracle of Omaha's more candid and off-the-record statements overlap with the tender sentiments we see from Sh*t My Dad Says. Take this quick quiz and see if you can tell which is a cranky retired doctor and which is a cranky investment guru scolding employees and investors:

1) "You know, if I'm playing bridge and a naked woman walks by, I don't ever see her."

2) "Get married when you want. A wedding's just one more day in my life I can't wear sweat pants."

3) "I hate paying bills. Don't say 'me too.' I didn't say that looking to relate to you. I said it instead of 'go away.'"

4) "You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. It just doesn't work that way."

5) "You practically invented lazy. People should have to call you and ask for the rights to lazy before they use it."

6) "It's nice to have a lot of money, but you know, you don't want to keep it around forever. I prefer buying things. Otherwise, it's a little like saving sex for your old age."

7) "I wouldn't worry about money. It has a lot to do with happiness, I just meant YOU shouldn't worry, cause you would just piss it away."

8) "Sometimes life leaves a hundred dollar bill on your dresser, and you don't realize until later that it's because it screwed you."

9) "If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well."

10) "[It was like] half a tablet of Viagra and then having also a bunch of candy mixed in -- it doesn't have really quite the wallop."

Buffett quotes from here. Sh*t My Dad Says here.

ANSWERS: 1) Buffett, 2) Sh*t, 3) Sh*t, 4) Buffett, 5) Sh*t, 6) Buffett, 7) Sh*t, 8) Sh*t, 9) Buffett, 10) Buffett

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