Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are you kidding me, Mike Huckabee?

An outrage!

It's bad enough that these nutbars want to use intrusive big government to force their hangups on the rest of us. And then they're delivering addresses in the Caymans (which serve as a criminal banking haven and evade US tax and gambling laws)
and going to Hooters in Vegas? Are you for real?

Listen, I think anybody would have fun at a fight hosted at Hooters. I like a beer and a fight as much as the next guy. The difference is, I don't have to justify my behavior against a very restrictive moral code that I'm trying to force on other people.

Now, if you're an honest evangelical supporting Huckabee, you're angry. If you're an evangelical who's just looking for political power in this world, you should be angry but instead you're swallowing their hypocrisy so your man can get in the White House. (By the way, he's not going to. You guys have been wrecking the GOP for long enough, so give it a rest.)

Of course, if you're not an evangelical, you're just shaking your head at the doublethink that these folks indulge in.

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