Sunday, February 24, 2008

Libertarian Party, Why Didn't You Endorse Paul?

Yes yes, I know there were process-dependence arguments against doing that. That doesn't win votes. Root is a fine candidate and probably a big contributor too and we might have lost him to the GOP if he was passed over.

But endorsing Paul would have:

- put the LP in touch with a large grassroots base of enthusiastic people with libertarian values. Look at's success - and that was around a single issue. Several Religious Right organizations have been "accidentally" expanded this same way.

- you get influence with somebody who is probably cruising for a cabinet position. Why else did he stay in the race so long?

- you would have built a coalition between the LP and GOP at exactly the time the Religious Right is taking a time out and the moderates are taking control again

But it's never too late. Take advantage of Paul's national profile now and build those bridges.

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