Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Hang-Ups About Bioengineered Foods

...in China. One problem of course is that even if there were opposition, no doubt the CCP would have its way. But is there opposition? From what anyone can tell, there is no cohesive anti-GMO movement or sentiment in China. Why? Could it be because people want a strong economy? Could it be because China's bright and pragmatic people would have no use anyway for slick, well-connected anti-research anti-education special interests like the Discovery Institute, or animal rights terrorists? As I've said before, the CCP are an undemocratic kleptocracy, but they're a smart kleptocracy. The last thing anyone in China wants right now (least of all the CCP) is to hold back the education of the next generation of Chinese scientists and engineers. This is one more reason the U.S. will continue to fall behind in the biotech revolution, until our legislators stop listening to anti-education lobbyists.

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mjlijewski said...

You'll know the US is truly f*cked when
smart ChiComms & other Asians stop coming here for Grad School ...