Monday, January 11, 2010

Palin; Plus, Ailes vs. Murdoch

I don't think many people on either side of the political spectrum are surprised by the FOX-Palin announcement today. What I find interesting is that this announcement comes immediately after some apparent leaks from within the Murdoch family that the Murdochs are increasingly impatient with the pseudo-conservative infotainment that Roger Ailes has turned FOX into. For years, liberals have focused on villifying Rupert Murdoch much more than Ailes, and suddenly we see articles like this that make the Murdochs' position seem much more reasonable and nuanced, then within days, the biggest announcement in conservative media in years. If it's more than a coincidence I'm not sure what it means but the timing is certainly interesting.

I'm on board with John McCain's campaign manager in stating that should Palin run as the GOP candidate in 2012, there would be a "catastrophic result". She would lose badly, embarrassingly, and damage the GOP brand irrevocably. That's why I'm relieved she's off the radar after having joined the librul media that until quite recently she seemed to think was the source of America's problems.

But wait - just because Sarah is now one of the hot FOX anchor girls, does that mean she won't run for President? It should. You hope that it would remove her from serious consideration in the eyes of American voters; then again, I hoped that when she was watching Russia from her house, and it didn't seem to matter.

I can't wait to see the Palin quotes about the media that Jon Stewart's crew digs up.

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