Saturday, July 5, 2008

Freedom of Speech Under Attack by Religious Radicals

Never mind that the story takes place in Canada, because here in the States, we're next. Long story short: Maclean's magazine (a Canadian news weekly) ran columns for around two years critical of the political ambitions of modern Islam. As if to confirm that, the Canadian Islamic Congress filed complaints with their national Human Rights Commission and two provincial-level commissions. Canadians have a justified reputation of being reasonable and willing to listen to the other guy, but in this case it's not serving them well. Clearly, any religion that's accustomed to being part of the State, and intends to repeat that in the West, is unable to understand and has no interest in tolerating freedom of speech. (Original story here.)

Fortunately the national-level commission has seen this invasion of rights for what it is and thrown it out, but the complaint in British Columbia still stands. Will you be ready to defend Americans' when religious extremists try to take it away here? Regardless of what religion it happens to be?

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