Tuesday, July 1, 2008

McCain Hangs Out With Televangelists, Starts Losing in Polls

So I'm back from Central America. It's encouraging to visit two countries which which both had civil wars raging less than 20 years ago and are slowly but surely emerging as market democracies, and I'll write plenty on that later. But being out of touch for a while is good in the sense that you can more clearly see changes in public opinion that otherwise might be too gradual to notice.

The two stories I immediately noticed upon getting off the plane in Miami:

- McCain is trailing Obama by six full points, enough to lead at least one publication to refer to an eventual McCain victory in Dewey-Truman terms.

- McCain was kissing Billy Graham's ass in a "private" meeting (a
photograph of which was released to CNN. Very private).


John, if you want to win this election, you have to stop kissing the Religious Right's ass. It can only hurt you.

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