Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3 Reasons Why Choosing Jindal for VP Would Be a Disaster

1) Bobby Jindal is a willing and vocal mouthpiece for the anti-education and anti-medicine lobbies and he's more than willing to sacrifice America's technological edge in international trade for some wishy-washy bleeding-heart moral agenda. That alone should be enough to convince anybody.

2) Bobby Jindal is an extremist (and an elitist Rhodes Scholar to boot, just like Bill Clinton). If John McCain is going to beat Barack Obama, he needs the center. With Jindal, they flee to Obama in droves. With Jindal, I flee to Obama. Yes, it's that bad. On the other hand, the religion-as-government maniacs will either vote for McCain or not vote at all. They're not going to vote for Obama if McCain picks a VP they don't like. (Want to see some hilarious religious extremist belly-aching?)

3) And (most offensively) if anyone has the thought that "If we have a minority guy on the ticket, then minorities will automatically divide their vote between him and Obama" - forget it. It doesn't work that way, and people will see through it.

So, John: by all means have Jindal stumping for you. Have him raising money for you. But for God's sake don't have him on the ticket.

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