Sunday, June 8, 2008

Very Telling: The Words of a Hillary Democrat

The SF Chronicle interviewed Hillary supporters to see if they would have any trouble switching to Obama. One Hillary Democrat they interviewed was described as a "government budget analyst", someone who (even if a Democrat) is likely to base positions on facts and figures, not sentiment. Her statements reveal the problems his camp will face once he's getting hard, substantive numbers-and-facts questions from conservatives:

The thing when Barack preaches about change, he never says what change he's talking about. So when Hillary talks about change, she has real solutions and real goals. Barack talks about change as an abstract, ethereal, moving idea, without solid points. And John McCain can talk about change as well with solid points, without this fluid idea that hasn't really coalesced into anything real.

Clinton was "the most qualified candidate that's come out of the Democratic camp," and said she is "saddened" that Obama is the nominee because he is "not equipped to lead our nation. It has nothing to do with his age. It's his inexperience and naivete."

For the whole article go here.

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