Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Getting Out Of California Before Civilization Collapses on Monday

Well folks, it looks like gay marriages start in California on 16 June and boy am I glad I'll be safe and far away in El Salvador. That's right - on Friday I leave for El Salvador, a land where the country's Catholic and Pentecostal faithful will make no allowance for such immorality, which must be why El Salvador is a land known for security and prosperity.

So on 16 June, as the first gay vows are exchanged and civil order collapses, and chaos reigns and Californians tear and devour each other's flesh, just rest assured that your fearless blogger will be safe in El Salvador.

Disclosure: I really will going to El Salvador on Friday, so you really may not hear much from me over the next two weeks. I really do not think I will return to California to find a a silent, debris-strewn wasteland (28 Gays Later? Sorry, I couldn't resist, and it's my blog anyway.) Apparently that's what some people (Dobson and about five other guys) think will happen. They're still not quite clear on the details of the homopocalypse, but they can post below if they like.

As a conservative, I believe countries run best when people are for the most part allowed to make choices about their own lives rather than being told by their government what to do. Being able to marry who you want to is about the most important choice you'll make in your life. And Republican judges agree with us progressive conservatives too. Think I'm missing the point? I invite you to make your case below.


Mike said...

I thought California would break off into the Pacific when you finally moved in with
your wife.

El Salvador wouldn't be my idea of a vacation. The highlands of Guatemala are
a lot more colorful & native-filled.

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

Good thing I'm going to Guatemala too. In fact I'll be there for longer than El Salvador.

mklasing said...

What can I say Tom--its California--I would expect nothing less. In Texas it is more likely that a law would pass allowing you to marry a cow before gay marriage was passed. As for me, I'm of the opinion that marriage was created by God and therefore he makes the rules--and his rules are clear on this subject.