Friday, May 16, 2008

Not Much Need to Comment on CA Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision

...since it's all over the news already. I got married in San Francisco City Hall and boy can I feel our marriage getting degraded! But seriously folks...points to ponder:

1) It was a 4-3 decision. 6 out of 7 justices are Republican. That means that, at most, only one of the four who voted to overturn the gay marriage ban was a Democrat. Two of those four are Pete Wilson appointees to the court. Our awesome GOP govenator said that "he 'respects' the decision and 'will not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn' it."

2) Regardless of where you stand . . . is this really the most important thing to you in the 2008 elections? In my book, there are a lot of pretty tough problems we should be prioritizing, like what to do with Iraq, and a growing China, and a collapsing dollar, and rising food and fuel prices.

3) Whatever your position - base your values on fact, not wishy-washy bleeding-heart soft thinking. Look for concrete examples. Here are some: Massachusetts has had civil unions for three years now, and Boston is still a pretty nice place to live, if you can ignore the weather anyway. Gay marriage is legal in Canada and Spain too. I was just in Spain in October; mostly I remember eating very well, but not seeing feral children running in the streets. My wife is from Vancouver and last time we were up there civilization hadn't ended.

Botton line: why does anybody want the government saying who's allowed to marry who? Isn't that your church's job? If they're not bothering anybody, who wants the government telling churches what they can do?

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