Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We CAN Save the World - If We Ignore the Greens

Two great articles in Wired expose how we already have realistic solutions to oil dependence, spiraling food prices, and climate change, but they're being blocked by the old-guard Green movement's age-old taboos - bio-engineering and nuclear power:

"Look at the environmental protection agency's CO2-per-kilowatt-hour map of the US and two bright patches of low-carbon happiness jump out. One is the hydro-powered Pacific Northwest. The other is Vermont, where a 30-year-old nuclear reactor, Vermont Yankee, keeps the Ben & Jerry's cold. The darkest area corresponds to Washington, DC, where coal-fired power plants release 520 times more atmospheric carbon per megawatt-hour than their Vermont counterpart. That's right: 520 times. Jimmy Carter was right to turn down the heat in the White House."

I'm glad that more mainstream media is picking this up because I've been beating this drum for a while (nuclear here, bioengineering here).

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