Monday, May 12, 2008

I Return, To Mock Hugo Chavez's Manhood

Awww, Hugo Chavez's ex-wife is making him look bad. Time for a pity-party!

Forgive me if I'm less than disappointed. By "less than disappointed" I mean "can I contribute to her political fund".

Most people don't remember that it was Venezuela that took the initial steps to start OPEC. Hugo Chavez has used Venezuela's oil wealth and simmering resentment against past American bully tactics to exhort his way to the top, but don't for a second think that stops him from taking freedoms away from his citizens that you and I take for granted - like being able to criticize him in writing. Yes, his ex is actually breaking the law, and so are the reporters covering her comments. If I were her, I'd clear out of the country! Check out this Reason Magazine article for a very interesting read.

As an aside, it's especially irritating that some misinformed liberals in the U.S. support him. Apparently in their eyes, anyone who calls Bush bad names must be good, regardless of how badly he tramples his own people.

We can't afford to take his antagonism lightly. China already has control of the Panama Canal. And guess who the only world leader was to support China against Tibet recently? (Aside from Chinese satellite states). Guess. A real supporter of downtrodden people and indigenous rights, huh? The Legion of Doom still has open positions apparently.


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