Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Will It Take to Wake People Up: Nuclear Is the Way

Still on the fence about nuclear power? Or know people who are?

How much pain does it take to convince them that nuclear is the way, and get over this hang-up? Does gas have to get to $8.00 a gallon? $20? Do the aisles at the grocery store have to get empty because the truckers are dead on the ground from these gas prices?

It's too late to start building when your car's dead in the driveway and your lights are browning out. Convince your neighbors and representatives now.


Mike said...

Here's an interesting article that, among
other things, claims that Kalifornia imports 20% of it's electricity from neighboring states:

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

That's an excellent article, thanks for the link. Americans and Californians especially have three options if they want clean, cheap energy: 1) Make massive changes in lifestyle (good luck). 2) Start building nuclear plants NOW. 3) Deal with pollution and crippling energy costs that will eventually force us to choose #1 or #2 anyway. California often practices statewide NIMBY, not just with power generation but with other resources, especially water. Keeping the environment healthy is good for the economy but the worst thing is to practice NIMBYism in the name of environmentalism.