Monday, May 19, 2008

No Mortgage Welfare

It should come as no shock that real conservatives should be against mortgage bailouts for people too irresponsible to read the terms of their mortgage to decide if they can actually afford it. Sorry - none of us have a RIGHT to own property that we can't pay for. But unfortunately there's a lot of these morons, and they vote, which is why even conservative politicians have been very wishy-washy on this issue. They would seem mean, which translates from modern American English as "expect people to fulfill their obligations" and "demand personal responsibility". But instead, calls for mortgage welfare are being taken seriously.

Check out, which has already been promoted on lots of conservative blogs and even by Neil Cavuto and Glenn Beck.


Anonymous said...

You write "none of us have a RIGHT to own property". I suspect that you intended to say something like "none of us have a RIGHT to BORROW money to buy property".

One does have a right to own property but coming up with the cash is a different matter.

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

You're right, I wasn't clear at all - thanks for pointing out the shortcoming. What I meant (and have now edited the post to make clear) is that we don't have a right to property, regardless of whether we can afford it. A lot of the people caught in the credit crunch are reacting indignantly as if they are entitled to a home they clearly couldn't afford, and that it's therefore your and my responsibility to bail them out.