Monday, May 12, 2008

Maybe The Heavens Haven't Chosen China After All

To be crystal clear: I'm not happy that Myanmar and China have been hit by natural disasters. No country is safe from them, as we in the States were well reminded in August 2005.

If there is ANY profit to this, it's that we get to see the difference in response between Myanmar and China, and the Chinese Communist Party will wake up and realize that there is no special favor being granted by Fortune to the Chinese government after all.

By early accounts, disaster relief in China has been more effective than in Myanmar, its satellite state. If you're Burmese, how would this make you feel? Your life is controlled by an incompetent military regime whose continued existence is only guaranteed by continued Chinese support. Chinese people get disaster relief. You
don't. Sounds like a great deal!

Either way, best wishes to the people of both countries. I hope in particular that more supplies can get through to Myanmar.

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