Thursday, June 5, 2008

U.S. Diplomats Detained and Badgered by Zimbabwean Forces

And these are the guys that China is shipping guns to? The real question is, are we even surprised? Maybe this little situation will wake up Americans to the behavior of a dictatorship that's becoming China's favorite colony in Africa (after Angola). "...[US diplomats] were stopped at a roadblock just north of Harare, the capital, [State Department spokesman] McCormack said. The U.S. ambassador in Zimbabwe said police slashed tires and grabbed phones, and that 'war veterans' threatened to burn the vehicles with the officials inside."

I'd previously pointed out how Robert Mugabe, as he welcomes colonization (and ships filled with guns) to Africa, is doing his best to make Zimbabwe into a real-life Legion of Doom, playing host to legitimate villains like Mengistu, who he recently refused to extradite to Ethiopia for war crimes.

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