Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So: Another Embarrassing Ballot Measure Thanks to California Fundamentalists

So, the Extend Government Interference Into Married Life Act will officially be on the California ballot in November. Perhaps I'm misguided, but I fantasize that once, just once, before this decade is out, the GOP will put a measure on a ballot that isn't an irrelevant molehill-made-mountain put on there to shop for votes from the paranoid and unstable elements in the party. And I'm getting a little nervous that McCain keeps using all the right social-conservative code words (in this case "judicial fiat"); I keep telling myself he's just winking at the extremist wing of the party to keep them quiet.

If you don't click through to this editorial, just read the closing sentence of the article: "Since [Prop 187 was overturned] only one Republican candidate has won a statewide election for president, governor or U.S. senator in California. That lone GOP exception is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, which may be why he categorically opposes the Marriage Protection Amendment." Maybe we shouldn't assume these kinds of ballot measures are good for conservatism.

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