Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why Can't Conservatives Go To Marches

I'll give you a chance to get past all the "because I actually have a job to go to" comments - because so do I, and I go to marches. The reason we're conservatives or libertarians is because we know that the best form of government is a lean, efficient democracy with full individual rights and the freedom to pursue happiness and express yourself as you like. This is why it's literally tragic that individual conservatives think the word "activist" is a slur, and that we aren't more vocal (and participatory) about the human rights atrocities regularly occurring at the hands of the world's dictators. This is moral high ground that left-wingers think they own at the moment - why not pull it out from under them?

If you're doing your charitable giving at the end of the tax year or you just want to commit to making the world a better place, here are three groups worth of the dedication of any real red-blooded American fiscal conservative or libertarian. If these don't make you want to get involved based on your principles, what will?

Human Rights Watch - This outstanding organization works in areas like child trafficking, war crimes, and in general helps to keep dictators accountable. For this they've become the target of a campaign organized by left-wing critics who would rather see HRW remain silent than dare criticize nominal socialist states like China and Venezuela. If for no other reason than that, now is the time to donate or get involved.

The Lights of Liberty - a group dedicated to grassroots and educational efforts right here in the US of A.

Human Rights in China - The name says it all. What's for an American conservative not to like about a group that promotes democracy in our biggest competitor?

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