Sunday, December 14, 2008

National Association of Evangelicals Head Resigns

Richard Cizik has been forced out of NAE, the leading lobbying organization for American evangelicals, for saying his position on (at least) gay civil unions is changing. Apparently the good old American right to make up your own mind and conscience doesn't sit will with the organization's senior management.

On the heels of Bush's "admission" that he believes in evolution at least some of the time, and that the Bible isn't literally true, this hasn't been a good week for evangelical politics in the United States. Hopefully these bad weeks will continue for them, and the GOP will emerge from the 2008 debacle with a new lease on life in 2012.

In any event, it's worrying that so many grown-ups spend more time worrying about gay marriage and yoga than potential nuclear wars between Pakistan and India or the economic competition from our creditor China.

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