Friday, November 28, 2008

India: Do Net Let This Attack Damage the Detente With Pakistan

Walid Phares at counterterrorismblog states the aim of the terrorists in Mumbai succinctly: "...the goal is to sink the Pakistani-Indian rapprochement."

India: do not give in to populism to score short-term points at the expense of long-term growth and regional stability. India's continuing economic success and the future of democracy in South Asia is in your hands. Do not hamstring your response to this act by a knee-jerk assumption that Pakistan's government must be involved, just like the Spanish stumbled in their immediate insistence that the Basques were involved in the 2004 Madrid bombings. Accepting the Pakistani government's offer of assistence will not only continue to diminish the influence of the militant anti-civilization extremists who benefit from India-Pakistan tensions, it will reinforce the conviction of the smarter elements in the new Pakistani government that they're doing the right thing by pursuing detente.

Mumbai native Fareed Zakaria points out in The Post-American World that beginning with the September 11th attacks, the financial markets recovered faster after each successive major attack. Tragic though the death of innocent people is, civilization must continue to brush aside these last-ditch rear-guard efforts by vanishing tribes of fundamentalists.


mjlijewski said...

But with if parts of the Paki government were involved?

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

Of course and unfortunately, that's a possibility. It's my guess that even if parts are involved the majority of the government will see it's in their self-interest to get expel the involved elements and get them under control. If not we may be in for our first nuclear war.