Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still Think the Patriot Act is a Good Idea?

Principled conservatives over the last eight years have had real concerns about the Patriot Act's erosion of our civil liberties. Flag-hugger conservatives have often dismissed complaints about the Patriot Act as the whining of ACLU liberals who are willing to sacrifice the nation's security in favor of their agenda.

Ask yourself this: three months from now, how will you feel with your name on conservative political organizations' rolls, and on blog postings, and with a McCain bumper sticket on your car? How will you feel when President Obama can continue what President Bush started and have his people arrest you without judicial oversight and without ever having to tell your family where you are, let alone allowing visits?

Ask yourself this: how will you feel when Obama's FBI can come into your home and look around when you're away, without a warrant and without even telling you they were there, and without even having to claim that you're afiliated with terrorists, like they have been doing as Bush's FBI?

Ask yourself this: how will you feel when Obama's intelligence organizations can open your postal mail and read your email and listen to your phone conversations without even needing a warrant, like they have been doing as Bush's intelligence organizations?

Does the Patriot Act still seem like a good idea? Are you starting to think maybe those ACLU liberals are onto something?

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