Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Results - Local and National Races

In our ballot initiatives, California voters defied many of the national stereotypes I so often decry. Here are the results, and how my own votes fared:

National and California Candidates
OfficeMy VoteResultComment
RaceMy VoteResultComment
US House District 9Jim Eyer (L)Barbara Lee (D)Surprise – incumbent Democrat in the Bay Area– but nice to see the LP candidate getting half the votes of the Republican
CA Senate District 9Claudia Bermudez (R)Loni Hancock(D)Again, surprise, but nice to see a double-digit showing in this neighborhood against an incumbent whose husband is the mayor of Berkeley.
CA Assembly District 14Myself! (L) Nancy Skinner (D)The Chronicle didn't bother reporting my name.

California State Propositions
MeasureMy VoteResultComment

YesYesWe got us our bullet train. Japan and France with their old beat-up trains
can kiss our asses.
2YesYes(Treatment of farm animals)
3NoYesOne of my main domestic issues now is to resist socialization of medicine, and this unfortunately is a further step in that direction.
4NoNo(Minor abortions)
5NoNo(Drug treatment vs prison)
6NoNo(Law enforcement fund)
7NoNo(Bad renewable energy measure – the Sierra Club and PG&E both hated it; that's a bad sign)
8NoYesGay marriage now outlawed, and our constitution was altered for this. A disgrace for California.
9NoNo(Victims' Rights)
10YesNoAlternative fuel vehicles. One of the main arguments was that T. Boone Pickens would personally profit if it passed. I don't see a problem with individuals who create wealth keeping some of the wealth, but then again I'm not a socialist.
11YesYes?Redistricting and politician accountability. Still too close to call as of Thursday of election week.
12NoYesExtend veterans loan program. LP was against it.

Local Candidates
OfficeMy VoteResultComment
Oakland At-Large City CouncilmemberHammillKaplanI still like Ignacio de la Fuente for Mayor in 2010, so a connection to him (as Hammill has) is not a negative in my eyes.
Superior Court JudgeDalyHayashi
AC Transit At-Large BoardmembmerPeeplesPeeples
AC Transit Ward 2 BoardmemberHarperHarper

Local Propositions
OfficeMy VoteResultComment
NYesNoThis is the State of California trying to get Oakland schools in shape; strongly resisted by local teachers organizations, which is a hint that the state-appointed administrator who backed the initiative might be onto something. Education is one area where I don't mind government standards.
NNNoNo(police funding measure backed by absentee mayor Dellums)
OONoYesPeople are suckers for kids.
VVNoYesTransit bonds. I hope this money is used to finally make the transit system go where I can use it.
WWYesYes(park bonds - see argument in favor)

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