Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meine Frau im Oesterreich

To lighten the mood a little - just Saturday morning I dropped my wife off at San Francisco International for the start of a three week vacation, and I must've had a lot on my mind. I didn't even send with her a list of "take a picture of this or don't come back" sites. So on the way back from the airport I'm thinking "Something important came from Austria...what was it..." and then almost ran off the freeway.

So, I emailed the poor woman a list of things to see if she somehow gave a damn (after all, it's her trip, not mine), first and foremost being the restaurant where von Mises et al debated economics over beers - but not forgetting Boltzmann's grave marker with "S = k ln W" on the headstone, or the Wittgenstein House, or the spot where Sobieski broke the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683. Unfortunately in 1242 Austrians must have been unsentimental because there's no marker showing where the Mongols turned around. Either way, with luck she'll abide my last-minute thinking (meine Frau ist eine gute Frau im dies weg) and I'll be able to share some photo souvenirs with you. (Note: she didn't go to that restaurant but she did get a shot of Boltzmann's grave.)

(Update: she got to Boltzmann's grave, but not to the famous pub. That's okay, when I visit Vienna, then I'll see it myself.)

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