Saturday, November 1, 2008

Republicans for High Speed Rail

David Brooks makes the case that now is the time for infrastructure spending, and Pennsylvania Republican Congressmen Arlen Specter and Jim Gerlach are providing funding to extend Philadelphia's rail system back out to Reading, Pennsylvania. Op-ed columnists are writing about how America's agricultural exports have trouble getting to market because of the lack of train infrastructure. The Republican Party and the American heartland are solidly behind rail. Bottom line: the trend is toward more trains, and we need them. Now.

Prop 1A is on the ballot in California (supported by Governor Schwarzenegger), and if it passes, we'll have the first bullet trains in the U.S. It will create jobs, it's green, it gets cars off the roads and the U.S. off foreign oil, and (perhaps most important) it shows up Japan and France. Californians, YES ON 1A!

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