Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama: Reform, Don't Nationalize Healthcare

There's a reason that the quality of care draws physicians from around the world to practice in the United States. There's a reason we've been the scene of innovation in medicine and continue to be the leader in medical research.

The problem with America's healthcare system can be traced to a patchwork of inconsistent regulation and entitlement programs distorting the market and preventing people from getting the care they need.

Obama has been criticized as a modern-day product of the Chicago Democratic Machine. In one sense this is an opportunity. Our First Lady-Elect is the VP of Community Affairs at the University of Chicago Healthcare Center. Isn't this the same University of Chicago that is the home of Austrian economics in the United States? Milton Friedman's University of Chicago? I am in particular looking at noted University of Chicago healthcare expert Tomas Philipson. Professor Philipson, if I were you, and I did not already have connections to her, I'd be making some phone calls to the First Lady. We need you.

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