Monday, March 24, 2008

The Chinese Olympic Torch is Coming

First, visit

The one place in the United States that will see the torch from the Beijing Olympics is San Francisco. Why the Chinese would bring it to literally the most protest-prone city in the United States is beyond me. I guess they read the blog and wanted to meet me in person.

I'm a busy guy so I didn't know if we could connect. Lucky for them, I have an opening that day.

Regardless of the restrictions, or the attempted secrecy of the route, I will be there, along the route, with a sign in English and Chinese and Tibetan. We don't need a huge march to block the runner - just a consistent display along the way. Make that Chinese production team really work to get signage-free footage to show back home. I'm not sure what the sign will say yet but if I make the news I'll post the link here.

If you're a die-hard conservative, you might not be surprised that a Democrat mayor would look the other way when a collectivist dictatorship sends a delegation to his city. Unfortunately the current GOP administration lacks a spine as well, and has
removed China from the list of human rights violators.


Fortunately on the 8th of April, the day before the Chinese torch comes, the Tibetan Freedom Torch will also be visiting San Francisco. The Freedom Torch will have visited every country that the Chinese torch has visited - arriving the day before each time. I'm a marathon runner and would love to help carry the torch but there was a LONG waiting list in every country it's visited.

If you'll be in the area April 8th and/or 9th and you want to join us, by all means email me, and I can give you more information.

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