Monday, March 24, 2008

Why Are American Conservatives Ignoring the Chinese Threat?

Supposedly one-third of all the cranes in the world are building Shanghai as you read. The number of high-rises in Shanghai that was put up just in 2006 was more than all the high-rises in New York. The run on commodities in the past few years has been largely triggered by the boom in China.

Where's the alarm? From ANYBODY? Happy-huggy flower types I can see not understanding why this is important. Why so little attention from conservatives? Despite the number of espionage cases.

Not only does China have nuclear weapons, a booming economy, the world's largest population, and a dictatorial government, it also has a collection of brutal satellite states like Myanmar and North Korea. I know a lieutenant in Air Force intelligence who "works on" North Korea (as far as he can tell me). What he can tell me is that he's unhappy with the Bush administration's relative
lack of attention to the China/North Korea issue. As an Air Force intelligence officer, this guy is, how should I say, not an ignorant liberal p--sy.

At some point I'm going to somehow measure the number of blogs primarily focused on Islamic terrorism versus China. China and North Korea openly admit to having not only weapons of mass destruction, but delivery systems that could hit you where you're sitting right now. Where's the call to topple THEIR leaders?

By opening China and increasing the country's prosperity through capitalism and freedom of information, we ALL win. But if American conservatives aren't watching China, no one is.


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Squid said...

China is a burgeoning superpower and is economically involved with its neighbors and the West; launching nukes against us, or supplying them to proxies for use against us, would not be in their best interest.

Our friends in the Mideast are another story. I don't see them as being nearly so involved in the world, and I don't see them as particularly rational actors. As such, the strategies developed in the Cold War for coping with other nuclear powers don't hold.

So while I agree that China is troubling as a rising power, I see them as a Lawful Evil problem, rather than a Chaotic Evil one.