Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The CA GOP Can Put California In Play in November

...by getting over its damaging and weird obsession with the gay marriage issue. GOP leadership, we need you to focus on your core values. Even thinking in purely cynical campaign strategy terms, all this rattling is obviously not getting people to the polls (in 2004 California had the seventh highest percentage of votes for Kerry). As a result of this obsession, without Schwarzenegger, the GOP is dead in the water in this state - and since one out of eight Americans is a Californian, I wish they would get over it soon. In fact a lot of people do, many of them California Republicans. As you can tell by the article, the judge in this case isn't an "activist". He's even a Pete Wilson appointee for crying out loud. Enough already! On to real issues like the economy, education and oil dependence!

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