Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thanks to Beijing, A New Olympic Event: Bullsh*tting

The Chinese government is trying to BS the world about not only its pollution, but the general state of development of Beijing. Meanwhile, journalists are finding their web access blocked, and anyone the Chinese government decides is Mongolian or black can't get served in bars.

This "sweep it under the rug, shut up about problems or else" attitude is not the behavior of a superpower - not a modern one anyway. The Soviet Union also did their best to conceal the government's ineptitude from foreigners. We all know China has come a long way, in fact further in the last five years than the Soviet Union ever did; in fact it would behoove Americans to align some of our domestic priorities closer to China's. Great nations know they're not perfect; it's embarrassing seeing one try to hide the mess from mom and dad instead of recognizing the achievements that have been made so far. But once again we see that IF IT'S BAD FOR THE CHINESE PEOPLE, THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT WON'T LET CAMERAS IN.

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