Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wrap-up of Yesterday's Olympic Nonsense

Yesterday protesters climbed to the roof of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco to protest the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Maybe it wasn't as mediagenic as climbing the Golden Gate Bridge (and oddly enough in China televisions went black when CNN started showing it). The point here is that the consulate personnel cut down the protesters, sending them falling onto the sidewalk - notice that the spokesperson never denies it. Meanwhile, our athletes are having to apologize for protecting themselves from the pollution that Beijing says has miraculously disappeared, and visas are being denied to American athletes who support human rights in Africa. Is this really the behavior of a modern nation? And why are we suffering it gladly?

It bears mentioning again that the Chinese government has instituted racial segregation during the Olympics and ordered bars not to serve black people or Mongolians. It's amazing that this act hasn't generated more international attention.

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Dan said...

Never serve booze to Mongolians on horseback in groups of a thousand or more.

In general, that's a good policy.

I'm shouting out from Reading.