Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Personal Political Equation

Alternate Title: Why All Libertarians and Progressive Republicans Should Switch To Obama Too

In politics, no candidate will 100% match your positions. That's a necessary compromise in a representative democracy. But if ever you find yourself quietly disagreeing more often than you support a candidate's positions, that's when it's time to switch. The creationism litmus test was really just the straw that broke the camel's back.

John Kerry has been beating the "Senator McCain versus Candidate McCain" talking point into the ground. Repetition doesn't make something true; then again, it doesn't make it untrue either. I'm tired of quietly disagreeing for the team, so here are the facts:

Senator McCainCandidate McCain
Denounced wartime tax cuts as irresponsibleNow supports wartime tax cuts
Wrote a climate change billNow is against HIS OWN BILL
Wrote an immigration billNow is against HIS OWN BILL

If it's high taxes you're worried about with Obama, nonpartisan analysis of the tax plans of the two candidates show that with Obama's plan, only the top 20% of earners pay more taxes (2% more for the bracket as a whole). And as for that top quintile - do you make more than $97,030 a year? If no, then what are you worried about? If yes, then guess what - so do I - and the country is more broke than at any time since World War II, so it's patently absurd to be talking about further decreases in tax revenues. Unless your goal is to wreck the country. (If it is, my blog probably isn't the best place for you.)

And for the Libertarians - Bob Barr is a GOP opportunist who just 36 months ago was one of the hardest-hitting social conservatives on issues like abortion, gay marriage and drug legalization, and here he is in the LP. If you weren't already thinking "carpet-bagger", listen to one of his friendly calls to bleeding-heart flag-hugger Glenn Beck.

It deeply saddens me that John McCain, a lawmaker I had really respected, has decided to allow the evangelical wing of the GOP that has already ruined the GOP - and that screwed him in 2000 - to twist his principles and therefore his campaign's planks. (Read this if you still have any doubts about why he chose Palin as High Priestess - and come on, with her 1-page resume, how many reasons can he have had?

Maverick or not, McCain is now surrounded with the wrong people, and thanks to Dubya's failed war and financial incompetence, things looked dark in November already.

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Squid said...

If you honestly believe that a Reid/Pelosi/Obama government is going to cut taxes for anybody in the lower half of the AGI brackets, you're deeply delusional.

A Democratic House, Senate, and White House will spell absolute disaster for anyone who opposes government expansion. I realize the creationism thing is a dealbreaker for you, but I'd rather work with a godbotherer who thinks my sins are none of the government's business, than a fundamentalist atheist who believes that his government should control my education, my retirement, my healthcare, and my spending habits in general.

I look at a Palin who gave the finger to the Republican establishment in Alaska, and got herself elected over their dead bodies. If she's willing to go after the corruption in DC with half as much zeal, I can overlook her creationism.

As I've mentioned elsewhere: the First Amendment has powerful advocates and wide support across this nation, while the Ninth is nearly nonexistent. I'll trust the ACLU to keep Palin on a short leash if she ventures into off-limits areas.