Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Missile Shield and Iran

At first I thought Obama's move with connecting the Russian missile shield to dealing with Iran's nuclear program was a smart one.

Unfortunately it wasn't reciprocated. The mistake was making the overture public, because assent from Russia would make the newly nationalistic and therefore oversensitive Kremlin seem like they were just being America's Yes-man, and it puts the U.S. in the position of having egg on our faces when the overture is rebuffed. Why? Now we're in a position where if we go forward, we get nothing new out of the deal, and besides Ahmedinejad is seeing that there's no united from between Russia in the US. If we back out we look like we're not serious about Iran and that we were being disingenuous about the missile shield. Either way our strong allies in Russia's near abroad (like Poland) can't help but feel that they're pawns in Obama's strategy. I'm in favor of anything that pressures Iran but this move should have been less public.

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