Monday, March 16, 2009

Say Goodbye to Civil Liberties

...if CNN is reporting accurately:

"President Obama also believes...that the federal government can send troops to burst into the homes of American citizens without a search warrant, despite the Fourth Amendment's protection against such unreasonable searches. He believes that the federal government has the right to arrest an American citizen on American soil and hold him in prison without charges. He believes that the federal government can listen in on your phone conversations without a court order."

Does this alarm you?

Wait a second, I got the name wrong. It was Dick Cheney who believes all that!

Did the name-swap make any difference to your reaction?

Now that Obama is in charge, does the Patriot Act still seem like a good idea? It doesn't matter which part is in charge. It's shameful to see so many Americans who so eagerly surrender their civil liberties to a massively encroaching government.

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