Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nuclear-Armed Orwellian Dictatorship Kidnaps Americans

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With all the rumbling about bias in the news media, I often wonder why there isn't more outrage about the lack of attention to North Korea.

An Orwellian nightmare nation that has active concentration camps (see one on Google Maps), that has that openly declared it has a nuclear weapon, that has tested it, and that has delivery systems capable of striking the United States, has now kidnapped two American journalists, apparently from across international borders. The silence is deafening.

It bears repeating: North Korea has weapons of mass destruction, right now, and no one disagrees about this, including North Korea. Imagine if Saddam Hussein in 2002 had openly declared that he had nukes, and was kidnapping FOX journalists from Turkey?

This isn't the first time North Korea has done this. You're not safe from their programmers even outside their borders - in the 1970s they developed a habit of kidnapping Japanese vacationers off the beaches in their own country (check out the Megumi Yokota story on Wikipedia or on Netflix). If ever there was a foreign policy cause for conservatives to champion, North Korea is it, and has been. This year at Cannes a film-maker chastised the international community for its inattention to the conditions that persist in Kim Jong Il's hell-on-Earth. Understand what this means: journalists from Al Gore's TV channel, and a film-maker who lives in France, are ahead of American conservatives in loudly denouncing the literal evils of a communist country. Where are you now, Glenn Beck? Or Michael Steele, or John Boehner? Anybody!

The Obama camp is already revealing the troubling Democrat tendency of assuming rational self-interest on the part of all players in international affairs. With the rulers of places like North Korea and Iran, we cannot do this. Consequently, there could not be a better opportunity for the GOP wants to reclaim the strength, resolve, and moral leadership that it held, and that America held, in the Reagan years. But someone in Washington has to wake up.

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