Monday, October 13, 2008

How Is North Korea OFF the Watch List?

Chinese client state North Korea - literally the worst regime in the world - has been taken off the U.S. sponsors-of-terrorism list. OneFreeKorea has a few choice words about this.

This is a country that not only definitely does have nuclear weapons and delivery systems capable of hitting me here in the US as I write this, it has concentration camps worse than anything in Orwell's nightmares (here's Camp 22 from orbit)and kidnaps citizens of surrounding American allies. And these guys are now OFF the terror list, as a carrot for letting UN inspectors back in?

Is this really the position we're now in? Somehow I'm no longer feeling that security is one of the GOP's strong points.

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Dan said...

I let my kids out of Time Out when they've been quiet for a few minutes. We haven't heard anything from KJI over the rest of the media din.

Maybe they promised to be good little boys and girls?