Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote Bermudez, California State Senate District 9

A little local Bay Area politics for a change. Vote Bermudez, State Senate District 9!

Claudia Bermudez has bona fide free-market conservative genes: by that I mean, her father was the leader of the Contras in the Nicaragua Civil War in the 1980s. Bermudez is a small business owner and promises to shake up the inbred Democratic power structure that dominates the Bay Area. Bermudez faces multi-term incumbent Don Perata, who through a special deal has avoided getting termed-out.

Bermudez took the initiative in the very blue Bay Area to run against Barbara Lee in 2004 in the US House of Representatives; you may recall that Lee was the only member of either house of the US Congress that voted against military action after September 11, and she supports such useful initiatives as creating a Department of Peace. A former Ron Dellums staff member in the capital, she replaced him in Congress (Dellums is currently one of Oakland's most passive and incompetent mayors ever). But Lee is a Democrat, which in the Bay Area gives you a free ride, whether you're doing a good job or you wouldn't be able to manage a student council position.

Vote Bermudez, California State Senate. Pro-business, fresh blood!

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