Wednesday, October 22, 2008

People Waking Up About Talk Radio

Whatever guys like Rush and Sean Hannity are, they're not traditional facts-and-figures conservatives. That's what I've been telling people for a while. My pet name for guys like these (like to hear themselves talk, but no substance when it comes to actual conservative values) is flag-huggers (mentioned here).

I'm glad lots of people are starting to wake up to the damage flag-huggers can do to conservatism – like this guy.


Anonymous said...

Flag-hugger? What's wrong with douchebag?

Anonymous said...

What about that freak Michael Savage!!! Jeezus, who listens to this idiot! I hope he is just trying to be outrageous and doens't actually believe the shit that i have heard just spinning thru the dials

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

If a moderate Republican in 1985 heard a recording of Michael Savage from any day of the week and you told them "In 20 years this guy will claim to be one of the major spokesmen for your political point of view," how do you think they would have reacted to that? Michael Savage is about the worst of them, and he can't even force himself to play nice with the others on his end of the political spectrum (I like how he calls Bill O'Reilly a "shill for FOX" and "the leprechaun".)