Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anti-Marriage-Rights Amendment: Desperation and Blackmail

The Yes on Prop 8 people (read: religious extremists) are getting desperate, and now they're sending threatening letters to "blackmail" many businesses that are dead set against amending the California state constitution to take away people's rights. Think I'm exaggerating? They've admitted it openly; these folks don't seem to think there's a problem. Small business owners and anybody who completes a 1099 at tax-time should be worried at what these special interest groups are willing to do to intimidate you even before their measure passes.


Dan said...

So, why wouldn't you press charges be filed in a case like this? It is blackmail, isn't it?

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

I imagine you have to meet some legal definition of blackmail, and the fact that this is a political donation might make the law not consider it as such because it's (in some sense) in the public sphere. As a non-lawyer that's my guess. But either way it's still a shameful and sad thing to do in the name of your cause.