Friday, October 17, 2008

How Many Conservatives...

...have to endorse Obama before we get the message?

These are credentialed, thought-leader conservatives, and it's worrisome. The trickle has turned into a flood. Peggy Noonan told it like it is, and Christopher Buckley (conservative royalty!) endorsed Obama (it may take you a couple of tries to get through on this link - you're not the only person who can't believe your eyes). Buckley had to know he'd lose his column at the Review for this but apparently felt strongly enough to say the hell with it. Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker said Palin was unqualifed and has been crucified by the few remaining pseudo-conservative loyalists, and here she is defending Buckley. Matthew Dowd (a 2004 Bush campaign strategist) made maybe the most cutting comments of all, because he may have something of an inside line to the campaign. Neocons Robert Kagan and Francis Fukuyama have even come out in favor of Obama. A GOP ex-governor has voiced his disgust with the campaign. There are even rumors swirling that this weekend, Colin Powell will endorse Obama on television. But of course, as everyone knows, the real watershed moment was when I resigned from the McCain camp.

There are several possible explanations for what's going on here.

1) All these people have secretly been evil liberals all their lives, biding their time before they reveal their true forms and strike.

2) These people really haven't said these things. The real Chris Buckley and Matthew Dowd and the rest of them are tied up somewhere and evil liberal impersonators have infiltrated The National Review, etc. said these things.

3) The McCain-Palin ticket really is a betrayal of conservative and GOP values, and Americans have figured that out.

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