Sunday, September 14, 2008

Enjoying Your Privacy?

The Federal government is getting the big telcos to do its spying for it, and in turn it's immunizing them from any sort of legal accountability. Anyone out there think this is really a good idea?

A lot of Clinton supporters weren't too bothered when the idea of barcoding private vehicles (to be read by highway scanners) first came up in the 90s, but would be horrified at similar ideas now. By the same token, you might be thinking "This wiretapping by big telecoms is okay because it's for the right reason and the authorizations are coming from the right people." Now: imagine it's January 21st, and it's President Obama's appointees authorizing the wiretaps. Do you still feel the same way? A wiser man than I once said in a democracy, you always have to be ready to turn the controls of the machine you've built over to your worst enemy. If this bothers you, a good place to help do something is here.

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