Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain in Michigan

In a state that's had more than its share of job creation problems, this guy dares talk about making it easier for illegal immigrants to stay? Maybe the scariest thing here is he can't even handle a crowd booing him. How's he going to handle the Russians in Georgia?

Like his running mate Sarah Palin, he also wants more big government in your life, regardless of what he says. He's strongly in favor of requiring Federal IDs (this would be like a national driver's license) even though the state of Michigan and most of the states in the country are against it. And he keeps trying to fool working people in the country's industrial areas by talking about "tax hikes". McCain's plan really only gives a tax break to the rich (do you make $100,000 a year or more?) And it further weakens a Federal government that already has the biggest deficit in the last fifty years. Concerned about healthcare? Living on a fixed income? What do you think the chance is that McCain will stick to his promises?

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