Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Old McCain, New McCain / Right Hand vs Left Hand

"I want no part of this," McCain said in a July 2005 statement. "This legislation is not — I emphasize not — my way of legislating."

The governor initially championed the first so-called Bridge to Nowhere, which would have connected the southeastern Alaska town of Ketchikan to its airport on nearby Gravina Island. She later pulled the plug on the project after it became a national symbol of extravagant federal spending.

Palin's record on the Bridge to Nowhere has emerged as a central point of controversy in the campaign over her recent public claims that she had opposed it, aligning herself with McCain's anti-earmarks philosophy.

Palin still supports the second bridge, officially named Don Young's Way in honor of the congressman. She called for a review of the bridge's financing plans and raised concerns about its financial risks for the state. Still, the planning process is marching forward.

Full article is here. Seems that more old vs new McCain positions are coming out - old McCain on the Straight Talk Express, and new McCain who hijacked it at some point. And he picks a big-government high-spending running mate to run a third GOP term to finish wrecking Wall Street ("the biggest financial story of the past 50 years") and the US economy. No wonder they're doing their best to make us forget about Ron Paul!

At least McCain can keep his suddenly discovered evangelical base. Because about the only thing that can save us if he gets elected is prayer.

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Squid said...

Okay, I get it. You used to accept McCain as a candidate, but since he latched on to the snake handlers you've totally gone 180 degrees.

You know what would help convince me that your hopey-changey alternative is an acceptable choice? A comparison of his policy prescriptions to McCain's.

How is Obama better for individual freedom? How is Obama better for reining in an overgrown federal government? How is Obama better for our economy, or our standing in the world? How is Obama going to clean up the mess that he and Biden and McCain and their Senate buddies are responsible for just as much as Bush and his people?

The McCain criticism I can handle; it's the Obama cheerleading that continues to perplex me. Did "None of the Above" even register as a possibility after the Palin pick sent you over the edge?