Saturday, September 13, 2008

Evo Morales: Failing in Bolivia

Looks like nationalization is really popular with the People of Bolivia. Way to go Evo Morales! No surprise that this administration would be the strongest ally of Chavez, who of course is busy expelling our ambassador.

One of Chavez's more boneheaded moves to score points with the less informed elements of his population has been to nationalize industries, or at least heavily tax them. I call the new Latin Psuedo-Left's brand of economics Grandstand Socialism, but you can find it outside Latin America - in fact you can find it right here in the US. How can a US administration make a case against the injustices that dictators like Chavez impose on his own people and industries if we're doing it right here? Especially if they can't stand up to hostility like McCain-Palin?

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Squid said...

And yet you want us to vote for an outfit that promises to do more of this sort of thing? I mean, I understand that it's hypocritical of the GOP to preach against windfall taxes at the same time they're putting Palin on the ticket, but exactly how is the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis going to do any better?

Sure, they're a bunch of soft socialists to begin with, so there's no hypocracy involved. That won't mitigate the effects of their economic policies, though.

Really -- has the GOP's so-called "betrayal" of your ideals so blinded you that you're willing to endorse a team that will take these betrayals and run with them?

Does your nose know what you're willing to do to spite your face?