Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ron Paul: Erased by GOP Media Maneuvers

Here's more disturbing news about the party that wants to force big government further into our lives, and the religious extremists it not only tolerates, but nominates for vice president.

Libertarians and Ron Paul fans, if you're still voting GOP, then you're really not paying attention. Paul is clearly not in love with the GOP and with Neil Cavuto he was careful to tiptoe around a Palin nomination he's also angry about. Maybe Paul's greater distaste for the evangelical nutbars who are ruining the party had something to do with the Republication Convention not counting votes for Paul and cutting off pro-Paul delegates' mikes. That might be why Paul had a separate (and much more energetic) rally outside the convention. This treatment is no surprise, considering Paul's unswerving dedication to preserving the freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, and Palin's dedication to a political party that wants to rewrite it (and/or to secede from the Union - yes, really). And this woman might be our next Vice President? Under the name of "Republican"?

Of course, we didn't hear much about all that because the GOP's media consultants have seen to it that their buddies in the editorial rooms stay focused on the "proper" big players - that is to say, not on Ron Paul.

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