Saturday, September 6, 2008

Timber Wolf Alpha-Female or Sarah Palin?

Guess which is which!

1) Intelligence of at least a three-year-old

2) Reproduces in litters of five

3) Kills moose for food

4) Clan survival ensured because young can themselves begin reproduction at early age

5) Ruthlessly casts out own relatives from social power structure in effort to solidify control

6) Attractiveness of healthy fur and skin distracts males from sinister white teeth, evolved for viciously tearing off chunks of flesh

7) Master of camouflage: for a few minutes at a time can lie motionless under snowbank or appear as a progressive feminist

8) Takes over new territory by seeking out weak, elderly alpha-males and biding time

9) In the last decade, has been a member of a political party which seeks to re-write the American Constitution and dissolve the Union (okay, that one's a gimme)

10) Only thing colder than the Arctic wastes she inhabits: HER EYES

If you answered "BOTH" for all, you're a winner! (Except numbers 6 and 9 - Sarah Palin only)

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